2.7Operational Excellence

Management Approach

Group Execution Functions are organized to support operational and assurance functions, with the goal of achieving operational excellence in all areas of the Company’s business.

This goal is pursued via the maintenance of the Company’s Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) (see section 3.10.1 ) and continuous improvement, such as adoption of best practice through the application of the International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS) (see section 2.7.2 ) and Process Safety Management frameworks.

For more information on Operational Governance, please refer to section 3.10 .

2018 performance

The Company supported the Journey to Excellence efforts to streamline GEMS, learn from events and other continuous improvements initiatives.

Key achievements

  • Learning from events through investigation and follow-up of significant incidents at Management level.
  • Adoption of a number of Lessons Learned initiatives with the purposeof analyzing, developing and implementing robust solutions to improve our operations.
  • Deployment of Process Safety Fundamentals and Process Safety leading KPIs across all the Company's operating units as highlighted in section 2.7.1 Process safety management
  • Continued deployment of Process Safety Management and Investigation/Root Cause Analysis training programs.
  • Ongoing integration of Operations Management System documentation into GEMS


The following objectives have been set for 2019:

  • Continue to optimize GEMS, including restructuring and simplification where required
  • Process Safety Management strategy and targets as highlighted in section 2.7.1
  • Continuation of the deployment of ISRS and Process Safety Management frameworks, including the development or improvement of associated tools where required, and strengthening hazard management processes.
  • Maintain efforts on continuous improvement, including incident investigation and follow-up, and Lessons Learned initiatives.