4.3.12Dividends Paid and Proposed

In accordance with the Company’s dividend policy, and further taking into account the specific circumstances relating to 2018 including the nature of the non-recurring items, a dividend of US$ 0.37 per share (based on the number of shares outstanding at December 31, 2018), to be paid out of retained earnings, will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting on April 10, 2019. This represents approximately 25% of the Company’s US$ 301 million Directional 2018 net income.

The Company reviews its dividend policy on a regular basis and intends to revise this as follows: the Company’s policy is to maintain a stable dividend, which grows over time. Determination of the dividend is based on the Company’s assessment of its underlying cash flow position. The proposed change will be presented for discussion at the AGM on April 10, 2019.

Regarding capital allocation, the Company prioritizes payment of the dividend, followed by the financing of growth, with the option thereafter to repurchase shares depending on residual liquidity and cashflow outlook. Based on this approach and having reviewed the current liquidity position, the requirement to fund growth and the resulting cash flow outlook, the Company has determined that it currently has the capacity to repurchase shares. Consequently, on February 14, 2019 the Company will commence a euro 175 million share repurchase program, approximate to the net cash it has received for the Yme Insurance settlement.